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    Width (inches)     Width (inches)  
    Thickness (mil)     Thickness (mil)           ** MATERIAL DENSITIES
    Roll Length (feet)     Density **   Converting Square Meters to MSI
    Density **     Roll Weight (lb)           LLDPE =
                    Area (square meters)   LDPE =
    lb/linear foot                   HDPE =
    Roll Weight (lb)     Roll Length (feet)     Area (MSI)   PP =
                          Metallocene =
                                  Polyurethane =
Converting $/lb to $/Linear Foot   Converting $/Lb to $/msi (1000 sq in) Converting $/msi to $/Lb Converting MSI to Square Meters PVC =
                                  PET =
  Price ($/lb)       Price ($/lb)     Price ($/msi)     Area (MSI)   Conductive LDPE =
  Price ($/linear foot)       Price ($/msi)     Price ($/lb)     Area (square meters)  
Converting $/Linear Foot to $/lb   TEMPERATURE (0C to 0F) TEMPERATURE (0F to 0C) Converting Sq. Meters to Sq. Feet
  Price ($/linear foot)       Centigrade     Fahrenheit     Area (square meters)  
  Price ($/lb)       Fahrenheit     Centigrade     Area (square feet)  
Roll Length and OD Calculator Enter data in the yellow highlighted boxes for thickness, core OD and either roll OD or roll length. The spreadsheet will calculate the corresponding roll dimension. Converting Sq. Feet to Sq. Meters
  Thickness (mil)     Area (square feet)  
  Core OD (inches)          
  Roll OD (inches)     Area (square meters)  
            Roll Length (feet)          
  Roll Length (feet)            
            OD (inches)  

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